9th International Conference on Rabies


From June 13 to 15, 2017 in Budapest (Hungary), the 9th International Conference on Rabies was held. So, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), rabies is among the five infectious diseases common to humans and animals, causing the greatest social and economic damage.

The conference was attended by 98 specialists from all the accredited rabies of ANSES reference laboratories (Nancy, France). From Russia, the research worker of the ANO “NII DPB”, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Losik Milana Anatolevna with the theme “Analysis of the formation of anti-rabies immune response in dogs and cats” spoke with her.

Within the framework of the International Rabies Conference, all relevant issues related to the problem of rabies throughout the world were touched upon. There were discussions on the following areas:
– Monitoring and monitoring of the program for oral vaccination of wild carnivores;
– Frenzy of bats and new lissaviruses;
– Laboratory diagnosis of rabies;
– Serological methods of diagnosis of rabies;
– Alternative methods of diagnosis of rabies;
– EU recommendations and new rules for the transport of domestic animals to the European Union.

Materials and presentations on the situation with rabies in different countries and measures to combat rabies all over the world were also provided.

Source: official site of the Research Institute for Diagnostics and Prevention of Human and Animal Diseases

The news is presented by the Russian Society of Veterinary Immunology (ROVI)

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