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AIZ_EditorDear colleagues,

We are happy to greet you on the website “ – Animal Infectology and Immunology”, first specialized web-platform in area of veterinary infectology and its impact on public health.  Currently, there is growing awareness of how closely animal and human welfare and the environment are linked, especially in the area of infectious diseases. We can see how One Health paradigm is gaining recognition; however, we realize how much remains to be done in this field. We believe that an effective control of animal infections will reduce the incidence of infectious diseases in humans.

The main goal of our website is to establish an operative communication and understanding between professionals in related disciplines – veterinarians, physicians, microbiologists, epidemiologists, ecologists, scientists. We believe that the joint efforts will give significant results in our combating with animal and human infections.

One of the major challenges of AIZ is the search for and accumulation of relevant scientific information of practical value. The following topics are foreground for  AIZ website:

 – New and emergent animal pathogens, including bacteria, fungi and viruses;

–  Animals as a source of  infection and the vector of pathogen transmission to humans;

– Antimicrobial resistance of animal pathogens and nosocomial infections in veterinary practice;

– Role of animal pathogens in the spread of antimicrobial resistance in  human pathogens;

– The role of the environment in the persistence of animal and human pathogens; environmental “reactors” generating multiresistant  pathogens;

– New developments in the diagnosis and treatment of animal infections, as well as disinfectants;

– Preventive strategies for infection control emphasizing vaccine development;

– Other issues related to animal and human well-being in aspect of infectious diseases.

Also VetInfect website highlights relevant events such as scientific conferences, practical courses, meetings etc.  We announce the release of new veterinary products, such as diagnostic tests, drugs, vaccines, disinfectants. New books, manuals, official reports also will be highlighted here.

Thus, we invite you to join the community of interested specialists on the basis of VetInfect. Also you can join the AIZ community on LinkedIn  and folow us on http://fb.com/vetinfect to keep abreast of the latest news, participate in discussions and gain new contacts. We are ready to collaborate with relevant stakeholders, and we hope that this site will be useful in your work.


Roman Ovchinnikov, PhD,

Founder & Administrator of VetInfect website

(Animal Infectology and Immunology)