Aspergillus otitis in dogs and cats.


Eight and nine cats diagnosed with otitis were surveyed.  fumigatus was the most common isolate over all and was the dominant isolate in cats. niger and A.terreus were more commonly isolated from dogs.  otitis was unilateral in all dogs and most cats. The most common putative risk factors identified in this study were concurrent diseases, therapy causing immunosuppression or a history of an otic foreign body. Prior antibacterial therapy was very common amongst these cases. When all cases are considered, the most common putative risk factors were immunosuppression (endogenous or iatrogenic). The confirmed cases had cultured from samples collected from the middle ear (obtained via ventral bulla osteotomy in two dogs, aspiration of fluid from middle ear in one dog with a ruptured tympanic membrane and myringotomy in one cat).

Therapy of Aspergillus otitis in dogs and cats

All dogs were treated with topical medications following the diagnosis of otitis and seven received systemic drugs. Six of the eight resolved with treatment with a mean time to resolution of 73 days (range 21–199d.) Eight cats were treated with topical medications following diagnosis ofotitis and eight were treated with systemic drugs. The otitis in five of nine cats resolved with a mean time of 94 days (range 38–196d).

Based on this case series, dogs may have a better prognosis; This may be due to the fact that more dogs were treated with otic lavages under anaesthesia or surgical removal of infected material via a total ear canal ablation and/or ventral bulla osteotomy. None of the cats received these treatments.

In this study all animals that received systemic itraconazole had the infection resolved, whereas only 75% of those treated with systemic fluconazole resolved. Posaconazole and voriconazole application in dogs and cats is discussed.

Authors: Elizabeth C. Goodale et al. Read Full Text here.

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