Collaboration with AIZ

Collaboration with AIZ

Our website is opened for collaboration, and we will be happy to consider your proposals. Here are some of the possibilities of cooperation with us:

For authors. You can submit your news, reviews, research articles and other posts that are relevant to the AIZ website scope. (Submit to AIZ website)

For organizers. You can submit the announcement of the conferences, meetings, courses, master-classes and other relevant events. (Submit to AIZ website)

For industry. You can highlight the release of new products such as diagnostic tests, remedies, vaccines, desinfectants etc, which will be of interest to our audience. (Submit to AIZ website)

For sponsors and advertizers. Taking into account that AIZ website is an independent and non-profit initiative, we welcome sponsorship in various forms. You can place here your advertisements, banners, articles, and other commercial materials. Other proposals are also considered.  (Submit to AIZ website).

Please feel free to contact with AIZ website administration on any matters arising.

Note that all submitted material will be moderated. We can not guarantee that the content will be published. Please read the Disclaimer of AIZ website.

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