Moscow MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS 2017: 9th All-Russia Research and Practical Conference with international participation

  • The Conference is organized by the non-commercial partnership “National Scientific Society of Infectiologists” and the Federal State Institution “Central Scientific Research Institute of epidemiology” of The Russian Consumer Supervision Ministry.Following actual topics of molecular diagnostics will be discussed at the Conference:– Molecular diagnostics of viral hepatitis
    – Modern approaches to molecular diagnostics of reproductive organs infections
    – New trends in molecular diagnostics of HIV
    – Methods of molecular analysis in oncology
    – Molecular diagnostics of pregnant and neonatal infections
    – Modern methods of tuberculosis diagnostics
    – Molecular analysis technologies in criminalistics and forensic medicine
    – Molecular epidemiology
    – Technologies of detection of infection and heritable deceases of animals, and more
  •  The Conference will include more than 25 thematic sessions and symposiums, where a wide range of advanced achievements of medical science and practice, will be presented.


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